We all are well aware that Recovery is a process. It is a matter of time and patience. It requires immense mental stability, little love and lots of care. For the ill, it is a series of trials. They keep trying till the very phase of feeling alright. At times, this progression is certainly difficult and painful. At times, it is also temporary and At times, it seems impossible. At this stage, when a patient feels his hopes are falling, REHABILITATION comes to rescue.

Rehabilitation acts like a helping hand in promoting good health, mental stability and preventing onset of diseases. Before we understand Rehabilitation, let us clear the air and all the delusions about Rehabilitation.

Generally people feel, Rehabilitation is only meant for patients with a chronic disease or an addiction. If you have a long term injury you can attend a rehabilitation center for some progress. People with short term injuries have no room in a rehabilitation center as medication is the best cure. There are several doubts on the safety as well as affordability. Moreover, Rehabilitation is considered only for the old and diseased. But all these are merely misconceptions. As you read further, you will understand the exponential impact Rehabilitation has on the individuals and society as a whole and why rehabilitation is steadily becoming an intensive part of healthcare. 

How do people benefit from Rehabilitation?

Before opting for Rehabilitation, every individual comes across this question. They are skeptical about its effects and also scared about the adverse effects. According to the WHO statistics, Globally, an estimated 2.4 billion people are currently living with a health condition that benefits from rehabilitation. There are more who are wanting to opt for rehabilitation but due to covid this demand is largely unmet. 

Basically, Rehabilitation is a service that is going to help you lead a normal life. It helps you do your daily chores with efficiency and ease. Its sole purpose is to improve efficiency and optimize daily functioning. 

At times, due to some physical injury or mental instability, we are unable to live our daily routine like before. We feel dependent and helpless. Rehabilitation helps to restore our confidence and get on track. The effects are visible in all walks of life be it professional, personal or educational. It works on the basics like your thinking ability, visual and aural ability and also works of communication. With rehabilitation services you can move freely and talk more efficiently. It works on all the aspects of your body.

Facts related to Rehabilitation

  • Firstly, rehabilitation is meant for all ages. Let that be a child, an adult or an old person, it is beneficial for all ages. 

  • Rehabilitation is generally recommended to all at some point of time in life. It can be following an injury, surgery, disease or illness, or to regain daily functioning.

  • Rehabilitation is completely personalized. It will deliver as per the needs and requirements of the individual. So it will work on the basis of your preference and hence the results are satisfactory.

  • To cater to specific needs, rehabilitation centers shelter experts from all the fields. So it is a huge group of doctors from ranging from physical medicine to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and audiologists, orthotists and prosthetists, clinical psychologists  along with doctors who are rehabilitation specialists and nurses

  • This service can be provided anywhere as per the need of the individual. So it can be a huge center where a group of individuals socially interact and attend a session together or it could be a private hospital or just at the convenience of your home.

What are the various programmes in rehabilitation?

  • Various therapies which help people restore to normal functioning. This includes cognitive rehabilitation therapy which helps them improve memory, thinking power and restore decision making power.

  • Emotional balance through music therapy

  • Provides efficiency in doing daily chores through occupational therapy

  • Physical balance through physiotherapy

  • Recreational therapy for mental well being and inner happiness

  • Speech therapy for ensuring normal speaking skills.

  • Exercises for pain relief and normal functioning of organs after injury

  • Vocational training for social well being 

  • Proper diet and nutrition advice for a healthy living

  • Plan of action to avoid any disease from reappearing

  • Psychological counseling after a mishap or accident 

  • Exercises, nutrition plan and counseling for physical and mental fitness

  •  Along with this, Rehabilitation centers are well equipped with various tools and devices which benefit the disabled for self mobility.

  • Counseling for restoring confidence and self esteem

Rehabilitation is a culmination of various activities which concentrates on all the areas and sectors. It helps in speedy recovery which has long lasting effects. It is a carefully crafted strategy plan which assures complete health benefits to people of all ages who are mentally and physically affected due to some disease or injury. 

Examining the increasing demand and analyzing the positive impact of rehabilitation on people, healthcare providers have started delivering rehabilitation programmes. For overall development, they feel therapy programmes along with medical aid have a greater impact in curing and healing. Along with this, the home health industry also provides rehabilitators at the doorstep to ensure regular and convenient attendance. 

Home healthcare agencies like Neogencare appoint experts from all spheres who can provide best rehabilitation programmes. The results are unbelievable. Along with speedy recovery, these rehabilitation programmes restore self confidence and individuals lead a normal life with ease. Here, we recommend reputed rehabilitation providers like NeogenCare for trusted results. 

It is just for us to remember that Rehabilitation aims at Universal health and this will save and benefit everyone. 

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