Podikizhi is a combination of the Sanskrit terms ‘podi’ (powder) and ‘kizhi’ (bolus). Fomentation with herbal boluses is used in the therapy. It induces sweating and heat buildup in the body. This reduces inflammation and discomfort caused by arthritis or injury. It also stimulates the nerves, which aids in the treatment of neuromuscular illnesses. This is also beneficial for back issues. Podikizhi is made by tying together a variety of dry herbs in a bolus. The herbs used in the bolus are selected based on parameters like as the patient’s dosha, the condition being treated, and so on. Podikizhi may be done in two ways: dipping the kizhi in warm oil or using it warm and dry.

The chosen herbs are warmed in a pan before being wrapped into the bolus. If using oil, immerse the bolus in heated oil. The bolus is then applied to various places of the body until the body heats up and begins to sweat. At this time, the patient will feel lighter and relieved. Podikizhi must be done carefully, with the bolus being kept warm at all times. This heat must be maintained throughout the course of the therapy. Podikizhi might be done on a frequent basis depending on the condition being treated.


  • Beneficial for treating joint disorders like arthritis or any kind of joint injury
  • Maintains body balance
  • Restores neurological balance
  • Eliminates pain and swelling
  • Clears muscle congestion and resources flexibility
  • Controls obesity
  • Reduces the amount of kapha in the body


Duration : Local (specific affected area)-30 mins

Full body : 30 mins