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Counselling play a vital role in many of the non-medical aspects of patient care, including helping patients and their families to navigate their medical system, assessing and monitoring patient’s and family member’s mental and emotional health, providing short term counselling and therapy, and by communicating patient needs and concerns.

Kaigo medical, social workers engage closely with patients and family members who are facing mental, emotional, family and financial stress due to their or their loved one’s medical condition.

Medical social workers usually conduct psychosocial assessments of patients to determine their needs and to spot any mental or emotional distress that cause that condition. On completion of this assessment the information is shared/ discussed with the patient and the medical team. To find a better solution which would help patient recover from the current condition and avoid reoccurrence of problems associated with the illness.

Kaigo has the best medical social workers in Trivandrum, Kollam & Kochi who can provide grief counselling for bereaved family members. Our social workers are well-trained in the areas of psycho-socio intervention and grief counselling who can provide best support to the patient emotionally.

Our MSWs assess and counsel school children who are experiencing stress, acting out, and or being targeted by bullies. They also provide the mental health awareness and provide support for the children who have experienced traumas, losses, or extra-familial abuse with high confidentiality. We assist and train the children to have a better future and to overcome their trauma. Our MSWs are one of the best  counsellors in Trivandrum ,Kollam , Kochi.

Social worker can help the employees to rise above their problems such as stress, anxiety, depression etc., and continue to function as a productive worker. Counselling is provided to individual employees and families for problems such as alcoholism, absenteeism etc., by the way of securing medical help. We also help in planning the family budgets and helping family members in obtaining funds. Kaigo is Best Counselling Services at home in Trivandrum , Kollam , Kochi .

We support victims of trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, amputations, physical abuse etc. Those who have undergone these traumatic situations are typically unable to help themselves. They might suffer from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder so these people need our team of social workers to carry them through the worst time of their life. Kaigo social workers are highly trained in helping victims suffering from traumatic situations by providing the social, emotional, medical, and psychological assistance that they need to recover from their experience. We work closely with medical staff, emergency personnel, counsellors or therapists, patient’s family and ensure the patient’s needs are being met. These often includes assessing the patient and developing a treatment plan which help the patient and their family to develop appropriate coping skills that facilitate recovery and increase the individual’s ability to deal with future traumas as well.

Medical Social workers provide mental health services for people by assessing, resolving, preventing or lessening the impact of psycho-social, physical and mental health related issues. MSWs provide medical home care services in coordination with our multidisciplinary medical team.

Hence our mental health specialist works for betterment of society and promotes wellbeing by empowering clients as well as their families. They recognise the complexity of situation and interact with the patients and positively influence their wellbeing. Kaigo Provides Best Counselling Services at home in Trivandrum ,Kollam ,Kochi.

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