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All of us have deeply realized that the pandemic is here to stay and we are consciously taking precautions in every way possible to safeguard ourselves and our family.  Be it wearing a mask while stepping outside of our house, or using hand sanitizers whenever we touch anything outside. We even avoid crowded places with the fear of contracting infection. Taking these scenarios into consideration now Kaigo is providing COVID test at home in Trivandrum , Kollam & Kochi. People in Trivandrum can take an RTPCR test at home, our clinicians will come to your doorstep for sample collection.

Most importantly, what we have also learnt from the pandemic is anything is feasible under compelling situation. We have become adaptive to situations like working from home, online payments, movies in OTTs, and most importantly Health Care Services at our doorsteps. Kaigo home health is Best Covid Test at Home in Trivandrum , Kollam ,Kochi .

As we step into the new era of living with COVID-19, Kaigo home care services provide Advanced Home Health Care Services widely ranging from Doctor Consultation, Nursing Care, Physiotherapy, Counselling, Lab Tests and so on.

In this challenging environment completing a lab test has also become tedious. We look for options to be safe and secure as we want to be away from any possibility of contracting or passing an infection, We also – start as new sentence experience waiting hopelessly in long queues for hours for a 2 mins test. We are extra vigilant about the environment in which the tests are carried out and the use of instruments for testing and these fears make us stressed out. Sometimes there are no information on the results from the labs until we follow up with them, during these times it is a difficult task to connect with them due to increase in load of test cases. Imagine, we are just one of the thousand members going to the lab for the test, there is zero emotional connect in whole of this process.

We are worried if we have COVID-19 based on our symptoms while there are possibilities that we might have just a common cold, we want to get ourselves tested immediately at our own convenience without the fear of contracting disease while going to a vulnerable place for an accurate reliable test result. In this circumstances people prefer home COVID test centres in Trivandrum , Kollam & Kochi.

For those who want to travel to meet their loved ones or travel for an important business assignment, they’ll require a COVID certificate that is precise, as early as possible and without spending unnecessary time at the labs as such individuals have to make crucial travel arrangements and also want to avoid going to a place where they may contract infection.

Along with them, senior citizens, children and those who are most vulnerable to contracting the infection because of their weak immune system, prefer to stay away from the COVID associated places.

For such individuals and situations Kaigo COVID test services at home serves as the most appropriate solution.

Kaigo now provides Covid RT-PCR tests at home, with trained clinicians and technicians who come to your home at your convenient time to complete the test, with equipment that are fully sterile and clean. Kaigo services provide results in 24 hours from an ICMR approved lab.

While we wish everyone to be Covid Negative, for those who are Covid positive we provide post COVID care services at home. We call them and provide follow up consultation, also provide references to nearby hospitals, if required. Kaigo Care Doctors provide tele consultation too, with utmost personal care to the members involved in the process

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