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Indian houses nearly have 104 million elderly persons (60 yrs and above). Kerala’s old age population in 1961 was just 5.1% of its total population which rose to 12.7% by 2011. It is now estimated to be around 16.7%. This proportion is further estimated to rise to 22.8% by 2036.

The significance of geriatric care is always a prime factor especially in a country like India where there is immense diversity in culture and our cultural values influence people to provide utmost care and love to their parents especially in their advanced years. Unlike the old times, in most of the families today both man and woman have become the breadwinners and have a bustling and hectic life.

The old age homes here in our country shoulder the responsibility of taking care but unfortunately many of the institutions do not fulfill their commitments and do not have a fair play in giving proper care. Here comes the role of home health care. It would be such a blessing if we can provide geriatric nursing care and treatment at our homes. Despite the age, everyone would love to be with their parents and give them quality care and treatments when needed. Working people wish to avoid the hustle of rushing to the hospital and handling often occurring emergency situations. The pandemic made the situation even more tricky and complicated. Neogencare geriatric home care services provide an apt solution at the convenience of your house.

By choosing one of the best geriatric care in Trivandrum & Kochi, one can reduce the numbers of hospital visits and get quality treatment at home itself. Under experienced and veteran healthcare workers, one can achieve improved health outcome with established treatment and care plans and maintain improvement in physical and mental capabilities as well. Our geriatric social worker can also help cope the pain and loneliness by counseling elderly people in case of loss of their loved ones.

Old age also fosters lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension which further deteriorate the health of our dear ones. Additionally side effects of prolonged medication also affect overall well-being.

Some prominent illness in old age is:

Cognitive decline

Balance issues

Oral health problems

Heart disease

Osteoarthritis or osteoporosis

Respiratory diseases

Vision or hearing loss


Neogencare team is well equipped to handle all such lifestyle diseases and is one of the best geriatric health care in Trivandrum & Ernakulam. 

We try to avoid emergency visits by proper care and follow-up treatments. Neogencare aims at providing better healing services for aged people by delivering special care and empathy.  We work on improving their health conditions with medication management, proper diet and exercise program. We shelter an elaborate team of highly qualified professionals ranging from Nurses to Physiotherapist, Dietician, GPs and Healthcare specialists along with MSW counsellors. So be rest assured as all your diverse needs are fulfilled by Neogencare’s geriatric home health care team.

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